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Flooring battling is among the such a lot underestimated but devastatingly ferocious of all of the Martial Arts. Ninety-nine in keeping with cent of all highway fights that aren't comprehensive in the first 3 seconds turn out at the flooring. The books within the "Ground Fighting" sequence organize you with some of the best of wrestling, ju-jitsu, judo etc., masking flooring regulate, bars, locks, chokes, strangles, cranks, butts, reintroducing some of the unlawful and banned thoughts from the start of the century.

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A good ground fighter can hold an opponent here for a very long time, appropriately the scissor guard is also the innate safety mechanism used by fighters in a street situation who find themselves on their backs. When the opponent locks his legs around your waist it can be a very difficult place from which to escape. An experienced ground fighter will use a scissor guard to rest and also to force an impatient fighter to make a mistake. When he does he’ll take advantage and finish the fight from his back with arm bars, chokes, turns etc (as detailed in Fighting from your Back).

If you cannot find it then grab the opponent by the testicles and squeeze and pull and rip, this will move his guard down. G E O F F T H O M P S O N ’ S G R O U N D F I G H T I N G S E R I E S 63 Arm Bars and Joint Locks Leg sweep Force your right arm (or left) between the opponent’s legs (at your right hand side) and sweep the opponent’s legs over and past your head then move down into the side 4 1/4 pin. This is not an easy technique, but it is one that does work on some opponents. It can be used in conjunction with the others, ie.

G E O F F 54 T H O M P S O N ’ S G R O U N D F I G H T I N G S E R I E S From the side 4 1/4 pin Figure 4 to straight arm bar In his struggle to escape the figure 4 the opponent’s energy often forces his arm straight. If this is the case let his arm straighten and, using the grip that you already hold, bar his arm at his elbow joint by pushing down on his wrist with your left hand and forcing up against his elbow joint with your right arm. G E O F F T H O M P S O N ’ S G R O U N D F I G H T I N G S E R I E S 55 Arm Bars and Joint Locks Side 4 1/4 to mount arm bar Sit through into the mount position, as you do so grab the opponent’s left arm and sit straight through to the otherside by placing your right leg over his face and plant it next to the right side of his head.

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