By Dorothy Buck and Erica Flapan, Dorothy Buck, Erica Flapan

During the last 20-30 years, knot thought has rekindled its ancient ties with biology, chemistry, and physics as a way of making extra refined descriptions of the entanglements and homes of traditional phenomena--from strings to natural compounds to DNA. This quantity is predicated at the 2008 AMS brief path, purposes of Knot concept. the purpose of the quick path and this quantity, whereas no longer protecting all elements of utilized knot thought, is to supply the reader with a mathematical appetizer, as a way to stimulate the mathematical urge for food for extra learn of this interesting box. No previous wisdom of topology, biology, chemistry, or physics is thought. particularly, the 1st 3 chapters of this quantity introduce the reader to knot idea (by Colin Adams), topological chirality and molecular symmetry (by Erica Flapan), and DNA topology (by Dorothy Buck). the second one 1/2 this quantity is concentrated on 3 specific functions of knot thought. Louis Kauffman discusses purposes of knot idea to physics, Nadrian Seeman discusses how topology is utilized in DNA nanotechnology, and Jonathan Simon discusses the statistical and full of life houses of knots and their relation to molecular biology

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Fiber-preserving homeomorphism trivialization of 8. p x id Q :E x Q -» B x Q is a By Proposition (B6) there is a g:E x Q -» B x Q. ) A GENERAL POSITION FIBRATION THAT IS NOT A BUNDLE. In this section we give an example of a General Position Fibration p:E -* B over a one-dimensional Peano continuum (the "Hawaiian Earring") with connected, one-ended Q-manifold that is not a locally trivial bundle. fibers We construct it by stringing together mapping tori of homeomorphisms of a compact Q-manifold that are homotopic but sometimes not isotopic to the identity.

If 44 H. TORUNCZYK AND J. WEST f:E~ -* E- is any proper fine fiber homotopy equivalence, then 0 for every open cover homeomorphism n: of_ E.. there is a fiber-preserving ^ n -> E- fl-close to f. We now obtain from this fibred homeomorphism theory that, just as for locally trivial bundles, pull-backs of General Position Fibrations by homotopic maps are homeomorphic by fiber preserving homeomorphisms. 5) Theorem. Let p:E -* B be a proper locally compact ANR- fibration satisfying Fibred General Position.

ANR- fibration satisfying Fibred General Position. *ExIxI-*ExI is stationary on a subset taken stationary on (3) extends f~ be Then o_f_ E x I p'-fiber-preserving ambient isotopv Xft, X 1 Then for each open there is a fiber-preserving (over f:E x I -* E B) 0-close to the projection. 1), and Bing's Shrinking Criterion for locally compact ANR-fibrations (A8), we may follow the proof given in [E] (cf. [Tl]). 1), obtaining Fibred Z-set Unknotting, with control, in General Position Fibrations. 6) and Bing's Shrinking Criterion (A8) in this context.

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