By Geoff Thompson

This publication explodes the myths approximately what does and what doesn't paintings in martial arts on today's risky streets. Geoff educates a reader in all points of 'pressure testing' the martial arts, making sure that process and personality healthy while it rather concerns.

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There may be a system out there that can do what I am saying cannot be done, if there is I have never seen it. In Animal Day, you may test your system to the full where you will be working with uncompliant opponents who will be unsympathetic to weakness in spirit or technique. If you hold your kick out too long or pivot on one leg after retracting the kick you will be grabbed and grappled. If your punches lack power or accuracy or if you over commit or under-commit, they will be crushed without mercy.

Be honest with yourself. Here is a little run down on what I find effective/ineffective about different systems. Karate Taking into consideration the different style etc, Karate is at its best whilst in kicking range, comfortable though basic in punching range, and completely at a loss in grappling range. A fifth Dan Karataka is a white belt grappler. Many of the basic blocks and stances are good for building a strong body and spirit, but are of little direct use in real combat. Much of the training, depending of course on the instructor, is unrealistic and largely inapplicable.

By stepping into adversity and summoning up the inner opponent we allow ourselves practice in fighting him. So next time you want a sparring session, don’t ring up a mate, summon up the inner opponent. If you can control him you can achieve anything. As they say (whoever they are), real power is not getting others to do as you want, it is getting ourselves to do what we want. ) you will know that I like pyramids because they allow a steady build up to a desired goal. So rather than just jump in the deep end and have Animal Day you can build up to it in pyramidic stages, the same as you would when attempting to lift heavyweights in the gym.

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