By Oliver Sacks

Oliver Sacks vuelve a hacer gala de su singular talento como narrador, su sentido del humor y su inmensa cultura para plantear cuestiones que ponen en entredicho nuestra percepción del mundo y, muchas veces, nuestra propia identidad. Desde las visiones religiosas y su explicación fisiológica hasta el uso de drogas psicodélicas como puerta a una percepción inside que los sentidos nos niegan, los relatos del health care provider Sacks van más allá del mero historial médico y constituyen una auténtica historia cultural de l. a. percepción, un estudio antropológico de una supuesta anormalidad que no es, en el fondo, más que el reverso de lo que normalmente conocemos como realidad. «Fascinante. l. a. comprensión del general practitioner Sacks hacia sus pacientes y su perspectiva filosófica transforman simples casos clínicos en relatos que iluminan las complejidades del cerebro humano y los misterios de los angeles mente humana» (Michiko Kakutani, ny Times).

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Early damage may result in new anatomic connections through collateral sprouting and synaptogenesis. New strategies may be acquired through reorganization of intrinsic functions of residual structures. After a lesion, positron emission tomography (PET) studies show limited inter-hemispheric reorganization of the involved area. Cortical areas are specified genetically and by extrinsic factors relating to at least three distinct processes: radial specification of the cortex, development of internal microcircuitry, and development of external connectively.

1963). Cerebral unilateralization in chronic epileptic cases: the Wechsler object assembly subtest. J. Clin. Psychol. 19: 169–71. Benson, D. F. (1979). Associated neurobehavioral problems Aphasia, Alexia, and Agraphia, pp. 158–73. New York: Churchill Livingstone. Berlin, C. , Lowe-Bell, S. , Jannetta, P. J. & Kline, D. G. (1972). Central auditory deficits after temporal lobectomy. Arch. Otolaryngol. 96: 4–10. Bishop, D. V. M. (1981). Plasticity and specificity of language localization in the developing brain.

This gradually clears. Occasionally, children with uncontrolled frequent absence seizures, especially atypical forms, may present with blocks, halts, and jerky speech efforts. They may exhibit humming or they may get stuck on words. There are omissions in understanding. Rarely, their speech efforts may seem confused, slurred, or even deficient. This can be seen more commonly with excess stress. Jerky speech with momentary halts or inflections may be seen with minor motor seizures (the akinetic drops or myoclonic jerks).

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