By Anna Yeatman, Charles Barbour, Phillip Hansen, Magdalena Zolkos

Motion and visual appeal is a suite of essays that check out the an important and complicated hyperlink among motion and visual appeal in Hannah Arendt's political notion. Contributed by way of revered students, the essays articulate round the following topics: the emergence of political motion whilst wondering the character of legislation, subjectivity and individuality; the connection among ethics and politics; the nexus of (co-)appearance, pondering and fact; and Arendt's writing as motion and visual appeal. For Arendt, motion is a sophisticated, public phenomenon that calls for the presence of others to have any influence. hence, to behave is greater than to choose because it is usually to seem. a lot has been acknowledged approximately Arendt's thought of motion, yet little recognition has been paid to her method of visual appeal as is completed during this quantity. motion and visual appeal explores either Arendt's conventional texts and formerly unpublished or lately rediscovered texts to problem the validated readings of her paintings. including to proven debates, it is going to be a distinct source to an individual drawn to Hannah Arendt, political notion, political idea, and political philosophy.

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In desperate lonely separation or are pressed together into a mass” (Arendt 1977: 89–90). Arendt repeats the same phrasing on numerous occasions in her accounts of world alienation. It is always a matter of losing, or losing touch with, the simultaneous relation to and separation from other people. Whether the balance swings to the pole of anomic individualism and compulsive disaggregation from other people, or to compacted crowds, anxiety outside of the group and generalized conformism, the result is the same loss of capacity to act and to judge for oneself and in relation to others.

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