By Armando Marino

This thesis offers a groundbraking method for the radar foreign neighborhood. The detection process brought, particularly perturbation research, is completey novel exhibiting a striking potential of pondering outdoors the field. Perturbation research is ready to push ahead the functionality limits of present algorithms, permitting the detection of goals smaller than the solution telephone and hugely embedded in muddle. The technique itself is amazing flexibe and has already been utilized in different huge initiatives, funded by means of the ESA (European area Agency): M-POL for maritime surveillance, and DRAGON-2 for land category with specific realization to forests. This booklet is a wonderfully organised piece of labor the place each aspect and standpoint is considered which will supply a entire imaginative and prescient of the issues and solutions.

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1 Polarisation ellipse (Boerner 2004) (Courtesy of Prof. E. 2 Jones Vectors In the previous section the choice of parameters depends on the selected coordinate system (in our case horizontal and vertical). In order to generalise the treatment, the electric field must be expressed as the coherent superposition of two orthogonal components E ¼ um Em þ un En ; ð3:7Þ where um and un are two generic orthogonal unitary vectors on the plane transverse to the propagation (Goldstein and Collett 2003; Beckmann 1968).

The reason is that with vectors it is often easier to handle algebraic manipulations (Cloude 1987; Ulaby and Elachi 1990). A scattering features vector was introduced: 1 k4 ¼ Tracef½SŠWg ¼ ½k1 ; k2 ; k3 ; k4 ŠT : 2 ð3:29Þ where W is a complete set of 2 9 2 complex basis matrices under a Hermitian inner product. Considering W is a complete basis set for the matrix space, all the information kept in the scattering matrix are reversed into the scattering vector. Algebraically, the procedure can be interpreted as a rearrangement of the polarimetric information through linear combinations of the scattering matrix elements.

Stands for expected value. The trend of a Gaussian random variable with zero mean and variable standard deviation r is plotted in Fig. 5. The SAR image displays the reflectivity of a scene and it can be represented as a matrix of complex numbers. 3 Statistical Characterisation of Targets 17 Fig. 5 Gaussian distribution with variable mean and standard deviation resolution cell (since it is the square root of the power). Using the pdf of real and imaginary parts, it is possible to extract the joint pdf of amplitude and phase of the backscattering   V V2 fV/ ðV; /Þ ¼ pffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffi exp À 2 : ð2:11Þ 2r 2pr2 Integrating the expression in Eq.

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