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I am so excited to welcome you to the IF: Richmond/Katy Blog!

When we first decided to build a website for our IF: Local gathering, I had ideas of ‘What IF?’

What if we created a website that could equip our people?
What if we created a place where our people could use and highlight their gifts and talents?
What if we could partner or highlight different ministries in our place and unleash our people so they can advance the kingdom?

I’m not sure what this website will become, I am excited to see all God can do with it. And I hope that you will join us from time to time as we come here and share our hearts and share all that God is doing within the lives of the women of our community.

As far as our IF: Richmond/Katy Gathering…Have you Registered yet?

I believe that God is going to move in mighty ways on February 6-7th. I believe He will move mountains and tear down walls. In fact, I know He will do these things because that is what He did for me last year as I watched IF: Gathering alone in my room.

God had already been stirring things in my heart. I had been crying out and wondering what the point of this life was. From the worlds standards I lived a charmed life. I had sweet, smart and healthy children and a wonderful husband. We lacked for nothing…and yet I constantly found myself in the valley of depression.

What was I missing?

I loved the Lord with my heart. But did I believe in Him? Did I really believe Him at His word? Did I believe in all He could do?


No, I didn’t.

I believed He was good. I believed HE was mighty and loving. I believed He could do big things. But I didn’t believe enough not to fear. I didn’t believe enough not to doubt. I didn’t believe enough to give him control of every aspect of my life.

IF God is Real, then What?

IF God is real…then He can show up in my life like never before. Then He can pull me out of the valley of depression and allow me to live this life on purpose and with passion. THEN He can show me what this life is all about and I can live fully, daily as a woman who believes God at His word, who is living daily to be inspired by God to unleash the gifts and burdens and passions He has given me for His kingdom. A woman who is not just raising, happy, healthy kids, but kids who will be faithful, unstoppable world changers. A woman who will fight for her marriage to be full of a passionate, God centered love. A  woman who is set free and desires that all those around her will be free as well! F

IF GOD is REAl, then what can He do in your life? 

IF you want to find out, Join us at IF: Richmond/Katy. 

You can read more about my IF: Gathering experience here…



Andrea is a wife, mama of 3, home educator, Jesus lover and coffee craver. She writes on  her blog at Beautiful Craziness

where she inspires and equips women to surrender it all and live out their callings. She is also a monthly contributor at 5 minutes for Faith. Follow Andrea on the Beautiful Craziness Facebook page and on twitter@andreaportilla9.