A Call to Pray – IF: Pray 2015

if pray 2

What if women on one night gathered together to pray?
What if they gathered all over the globe and cried out to God in prayer?
What if on this one night, women kneeled down and with hands raised in surrender, set aside every fear, every concern, every to do list, every doubt, unified in faith, under the one true God?
What if we just prayed?

On September 14, 2015 women from all walks will gather together in their cities and towns and pray.

We will pray for our world and nations, we will pray for the Church and it’s people, we will pray for God’s kingdom to come and for His will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Friends, so much is broken and desolate. So many tears and struggles are tearing this world apart. So many brokenhearted and cast down. So many fears.

War is waging.
The time to engage is NOW.
We cannot simply stand on the sidelines any more.
The grays of this world are fading away and it is time to take on the sword of truth and cry the battle cry and engage.
We cannot be lukewarm, for the lukewarm will be spit out.
We cannot stand in the gray, we must choose who we will serve today!

When knights use to fight in battle ages ago, they fought with sword and shield. The sword gave them courage, the shield protection; but on their chests, protecting their heart and soul was chain-mail, links of iron or steel, woven together tightly, protecting the wearer from any strike of the enemy.
The word of God is our sword and shield, but prayer is our chain-mail, links of prayers woven together to create an impenetrable defense against the enemy.

Our prayers are essential for the body of Christ.
Our prayers are the links woven together to protect the body from piercing blows.
Our prayers are woven masterpieces that bind the souls and hearts of men and women, across nations, races and cultures.

We must pray and create an armor that will protect the body of Christ from any and every scheme and attack of the enemy.
Gather with us on this one night to pray.
Let our voices rise above the noise and chaos of this world and together, may the Spirit of the Lord be unleashed in the Church.
God is on the move…will you be a part of it?

IF: Pray Richmond/Katy 2015
Monday, September 14th @ 7:30
Parkway Fellowship Church, Westpark Campus
27045 FM 1093, Richmond, Texas 77406

Check out the facebook page for more details.



Andrea is a wife, mama of 3, home educator, Jesus lover and coffee craver. She writes on  her blog at Beautiful Craziness

where she inspires and equips women to surrender it all and live out their callings. Follow Andrea on the Beautiful Craziness Facebook page and on twitter@andreaportilla9.